Craze Galupy Chest Box Mermaid Display 20PC


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Craze Galupy Chest Box Mermaid Display 20PC

The GALUPY MERMAID mermaid is said to have magical powers. What child wouldn’t want to have one of the 18 mythical creatures as a friend? To love, play with, to dream about, comfort or simply to collect and exchange. With a bit of luck, your next order will include your favourite figurine.

Shimmering fins and real crystals

Children love the beautiful manes and hairstyles of the GALUPY MERMAID. The mythical creatures love jewellery and all proudly wear a crown with Swarovski crystals. Some also wear a golden unicorn. The fin shimmers in the light in four different magical effects: with glitter, with pearlescence, with a metallic effect and with a colour-changing effect.

Two of the unicorn and mermaid mythical creatures are very rare: The fins of these two GALUPY MERMAID shine in gold and purple, and they are adorned with a rare pearl or chain with Swarovski crystals.

The GALUPY MERMAID promise lots of excitement and fun. But in which treasure chest are they hidden? The joy already starts when unpacking and opening the treasure chests decorated with beautiful motifs. The figures are the ideal addition to the popular play sets from the world of unicorns and mermaids.

In each Chestbox you can find 1 of 18 high quality, flocked, GALUPY MERMAID figures. The mermaid fin can have one of 4 special finishes.

Includes 20 pieces – 18 Cute Galupy Mermaid figures to collect
Each comes in a treasure box and has a crown with Swarovski Crystals
The fin shimmers in the light in four different magical effects:
Glitter, Pearlescence, Metallic and Colour-Changing effects
Size of Chest Box approx. 9.5 x 7.5 x 6 cm
Size of Display Box approx. 37 x 29 x 19 cm

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