Glowing Jellyfish


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Glowing Jellyfish by Nebulous Stars

Bring the soft light of the Rainbow Reef to your room with these three-pretty jellyfish. Domes and beads glow in the dark!

The Nebulous Stars universe offers young girls a unique environment that combines well-being and positive values. In a world where children can be affected by the chaos of modern life, this collection of activities can allow them to reach a state of calmness and relaxation while encouraging their creativity and self-esteem.

Suitable from age 7+

• 3 glow in the dark domes
• Coral branch hanger
• 3 fabric dome covers
• 63 glow in the dark beads
• 70 colorful beads
• 3 mesh tube cords

• Ribbon, glow in the dark strings and plastic wire
• 3 glitter stickers
• Coralia’s complete story
• Color instructions


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